Top Ten: Best House of Cards Characters

Well, this was difficult. House of Cards has got to be my favourite television show of all time. This was certainly something of a challenge for me. Though I haven’t found the time to binge-watch season three yet, my list is heavily based on the characters in seasons one and two. (This post may contain spoilers)…I warned you.

Honourable mentions who didn’t quite make my list:

  • Gavin Orsay – played by Jimmi Simpson
  • Lucas Goodwin – played by Sebastian Arcelus
  • Linda Vasquez – played by Sakina Jaffrey

Who is your favourite House of Cards character, and why? Let me know in the comments section below!

10. Janine Skorsky, played by Constance Zimmer. At first I wasn’t a fan of Janine, but she didn’t half grow on me. Though she may be number 10 on my list, that doesn’t mean she isn’t a great character!

9. Jackie Sharp, played by Molly Parker. She’s one of the strongest, most uncompromising characters on the show, and her desire to do it all without morphing into Frank makes her fascinating. She’s ruthless, and she’s definitely a force to be reckoned with.

8. Freddy, played by Reg. E Cathey. Here we have the only person that Frank doesn’t try to control. In other words, his only friend. Freddy always manages to put a smile on my face, he’s lovable and his quotes are certainly something to stand by. But I’m afraid I can’t discuss Freddy without mentioning his famous ribs…Am I the only one that craves a rack of ribs after every episode?! They look delicious. Simply writing about it has got my stomach rumbling…

7. Christina Gallagher, played by Kristen Connolly. Introduced as Peter’s workplace ‘sex buddy’, though towards the end of the series becomes an influential political character. I’m interested to see what she’s capable of in the long run. She took care of Peter and his children while he was a mess, works hard, and stands out as the only innocent character on this show, aside from Freddy. The rest are all dark people who either murder, steal, lie, cheat, and manipulate, or undertake all of the above.

6. Peter Russo, played by Corey Stoll. Such a broken and desperate man. It was hard to watch everything fall apart when I wanted him to succeed more than anything.

5. Doug Stamper, played by Michael Kelly. You’ve got to love his loyalty, despite what despicable actions that might end off with. He is also one of the few characters that will tell Frank he’s wrong, and Frank actually listens. I can’t imagine anyone else, even Claire, telling Frank he is wrong and not seeing the big picture when Frank is convinced it’s not an issue, and certainly can’t imagine anyone changing his mind.

4. Zoe Barnes, played by Kate Mara. I loved Zoe’s potential and courage – how she would do anything for a story. Right from her first scene in the series, she certainly proved to be a strong contender in the game. But sadly, not strong enough…(I’m still shocked over her death, to this very day).

3. Rachel Posner, played by Rachel BrosnahanThere was something about the emotional depth that Rachel Brosnahan brought to her character, it was truly intriguing. She brought some humanity to a show about inhumanity; and true love in the face of evil, despite her lack of screen time. Once Rachel became close to someone (Lisa), Doug decided it had to come to an end, and Rachel tearfully kicked the woman she loved out of their apartment and out of her life. As great a character as Doug was, it was truly satisfying to see Rachel finally bash his head in and flee. If you ask me, Doug does not have feelings for Rachel, but instead has what would be seen as ‘mummy issues’. He makes her read to him – the same book his mother read to him. He doesn’t want her sexually. She offers herself to him (in a desperately sad scene) and he pushes her away. I found their relationship fascinating and a good addition to the show as it was juxtaposed against every other relationship – being emotional and dark. As for Lisa, the door is open.

2. Claire Underwood, played by Robin Wright. The sense of power that she has over her husband, who seems completely invulnerable, is what made me like her character. She has a clever way of letting things through when she thinks no one is looking. It would be so easy to overplay and make her the bullied wife who let her husband tread all over her. But that’s not Claire. You could describe Claire as being like an iceberg; cold and stern, yet with so much more hidden beneath the surface.

1. Francis Underwood, played by (the one and only) Kevin Spacey. He has got blood on his hands, both human and dog, but Underwood is the most watchable flawed character on television, he is interesting in so many ways. I’m one of those few (or maybe not so few) people who anticipates to see the bad guy win. For once, let the ruthless and calculating villain win his prize! I have never liked an anti-hero as much as I like Frank Underwood. In fact, I dislike how much I love Frank Underwood, especially each time that he stops and talks to the camera. His life is a performance. Even when those around him know he is playing, they too want to be part of it. Even though Frank is bad through and through, it’s hard not to get entranced by his voice. It’s soothing and charming and seems to take Frank a long way in his career, let alone with us as an audience. He also knows what he wants and exactly how to get it. Of course, he takes this to a more extreme level than your average person climbing the business ladder…

Thanks for reading!


9 thoughts on “Top Ten: Best House of Cards Characters

  1. Your blog is the reason I wake up every morning, no lie! I love reading your posts and opinions, they are so interesting. Now that you have even written about HOC, I think I have fallen in love with your blog even more. Keep writing!!! 🙂

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  2. I love this post and I love your blog. House of Cards has been a fascinating ride, so far. It’s great having A-list movie talent plying their trade on the small screen (most screens aren’t actually THAT small anymore).

    I agree with many of the positions on this list. The #1 and #2 kind of go without saying, which makes your #3 the most interesting. I think that I agree. I REALLY felt something for Rachel. The actress did such a fine job with limited screen time. I really felt her plight.

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  3. Great list, but I think I was able to enjoy the show once I realized that having a favorite character was a bad idea. (Poor Peter.) The plot summery for every episode might as well be, “and things got worse.”

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