Top Ten: Orange is the New Black characters

Orange Is The New Black is filled with talented actors who certainly bring memorable characters to the table. Though some of the characters have better story-lines than others. Honourable Mentions: Yoga Jones, Sam Healy and Chang (Season 3). Worst character award goes to Larry Bloom and Polly Harper (The thought of having a friend that bad…).

Here is my top ten favourite characters on the hit Netflix series.

10. Norma – She certainly made her magical mark in Season 3. Apart from pushing someone off a cliff of course…

9. George Mendez (“Pornstache”) – Undoubtedly one of the strangest characters, but nonetheless, hilarious!!

8. Sophia Burset – The sassiest member of the prison. It is great that she has helped lots of young people dealing with being Transgender and accepting who they are.

7. Lorna Morello – I will start off by saying, her accent is very well done. Secondly, her backstory is one of my favourites. Though she has serious psychological issues, she is still such a hopeless romantic. Having warmed to her at the very beginning, I still have a soft spot for her now.

6. Tiffany Doggett (“Pennsatucky”) – Crazy Eyes may certainly be crazy, but this one is insane. Pennsatucky has definitely provided us with a fair share of entertaining moments over the course of the seasons.

5. Nicky Nichols – She just does not give a crap and I like that. Her humour is great, especially how hilariously upfront she is about sex.

4. Alex Vause – Alex Vause is um…certainly one of a kind. Laura Prepon’s performance makes for a witty and manipulative character, though she is still very likeable. That makes sense, right?…

3. Red – Her story unfolds wonderfully. A very lovable character/great actress. And not to mention, I adore the fact that she plays the mother hen role to her fellow inmates.

2. Piper Chapman – I think Piper has most certainly given me the most laugh out loud moments (aside from Crazy Eyes). From the ‘Lady Brain’ scene to her ‘panty’ scheme/speech, which is genius. Her and Alex have great on-screen chemistry. And thank god she has no more Larry issues…

1. Crazy Eyes – What’s not to love? She is undoubtedly the most entertaining character on the show. From providing us with funny moments: “I threw my pie for you!” and “Vanilla Swiiiiirl” to bringing us close to tears, breaking our hearts: “Why do people call me Crazy Eyes?” This actress is versatile to say the least. Bravo Uzo Aduba, bravo!

Which Orange is the New Black characters are your favourite? Tell me below in the comments section!


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